Avercast Business Forecasting (ABF)

ABF is engineered to forecast the right inventory, in the right place, at the right time. Powered by a world leading 188 forecasting algorithms, ABF correctly identifies distinct historical demand patterns and displays a selection of best fit forecasts (for each level of inventory hierarchy) going forward.

Learn more about how our intuitive forecasting engine applies to your specific industry.

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Avercast Supply Planning (ASP)

ASP delivers time-phased demand planning for modern supply chains. ASP generates insight to know what inventory quantities to order from which vendors and when based upon user defined criteria (MOQs, order interval, completely fill shipping containers, etc...).

Learn how to optimize your demand plan through exception management reporting and "What If" scenarios.

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Avercast Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

Avercast S&OP automates the total business planning process (across all departments). Scorecards are used to track current, historical, and future business performance, as well as to provide Forecast Value Analysis (FVA) on collaborative forecasting and planning efforts.

Learn more about Avercast S&OP reporting metrics.

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Avercast Rough Cut Capacity Planning (RCCP)

RCCP balances production demand (forecast & actual) against the constraints of manufacturing resources (equipment, labor, etc...). RCCP generates action items to quickly identify bottlenecks in production before they become problematic.

Learn how to streamline production work flows and optimize manufacturing processes.

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Avercast Sales Forecasting (ASF)

ASF facilitates collaboration from sales professionals in the inventory forecasting and planning process. Salespeople can easily communicate in real-time from any mobile on-line device, and deliver crucial market intelligence that can affect future forecasts.

Learn more about the benefits of collaborative forecasting with Sales Professionals.

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Avercast Supplier Connection (ASC)

Empowering vendors to know what you plan on ordering from them and when improves their ability to reduce lead times, increase on-time deliveries and improve their customer service level to you.

Learn more about the benefits of collaborating with Vendors.

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Avercast Retail Analysis (ARA)

ARA empowers retail analysts to quickly evaluate Point of Sale (POS) data provided by "Big Box" retail stores. ARA can easily run analysis (in-stock but no sales, sales trends by item or store or region, etc...) on millions of POS records that would otherwise be too cumbersome to view.

Learn more about generating lightning fast reports in ARA.

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About Avercast

Avercast, LLC is the global inventory forecasting and demand planning software authority.

With local sales and support offices in each major time zone around the world, Avercast is there for your where and when you need us. Call us today at 208-538-5380 or click here to schedule a live, no-obligation product demonstration. Discover Avercast, and discover the Avercast Advantage!

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