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Avercast's innovative, user-friendly and affordable software will provide for an easy implementation, getting your organization up and running in no time. Fast implementations, quick ROI, and powerful software solutions give your company the Avercast Advantage!

all Avercast Supply Chain Solutions

Avercast Supply Chain Solutions (ASCS) is the world's premier supply chain software package. With over 40 years of development and refinement, ASCS helps you to forecast and plan more effectively than ever before. Quickly forecast for the next week, month, or even up to five years. Plan inventories more efficiently according to the forecasted demand and then effectively work through your sales and operations planning. Easily sort through forecasts by SKU, or at any aggregate level. Push adjustments made at the aggregate level down to individual SKUs. Automatically populate bill of materials and optimize ordering processes. Collect data from, and push data to any ERP completely seamlessly.

Do all of this in one seamlessly integrated package. ASCS provides the ability to quickly view the status of your forecast with Avercast Dashboard Metrics, as well as a list of action items to enable the end user to manage by exception.

ASCS includes the following tools from the Avercast software suite:

These tools may be purchased separately, or in any combination in order meet your organization's requirements.

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abf Avercast Business Forecasting

In order to forecast demand accurately, you must have a proven methodology in place. Avercast Business Forecasting (ABF) software provides you with the technology you need to feel confident about forecasting future product demand. Our demand planning technologies have consistently helped businesses plan the right inventory, in the right place, at the right time.

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asp Avercast Supply Planning

Avercast Supply Planning (ASP) provides time-phased inventory planning in daily, weekly, or monthly time periods. Based upon your business rules (safety stock strategies, lead times, order multiples and minimums, bills of materials, and other business policies), ASP delivers net purchase requirements for single or multi-level warehouses.

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saop Avercast Sales & Operations Planning

The next generation of Sales & Operations Planning Software. Avercast Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) Software automates the annual business planning process and measures how your business is performing against the original business plan and/or budget. Business managers now have the visibility to see, analyze, and correct problems before they impact the bottom-line. Scorecards are used to track current, historical, and future business performance.

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rccp Avercast Capacity Planning

Avercast Capacity Planning (ACP) Software is designed to balance production demand against the constraints of manufacturing equipment. The intuitive graphical interface empowers users to manage production loads against work centers. Identify bottlenecks in production before they become problems. Drag and drop functionality enables the manager to shift that load to a similar work center. Avercast Capacity Planning will then automatically reschedule work orders and generate a new production plan.

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asf Avercast Sales Forecasting

The ability to collect and apply real-time market intelligence from sales professionals in the field is crucial to producing accurate forecasts. Avercast Sales Forecasting (ASF) Software is a powerful yet user-friendly tool designed to encourage participation from sales professionals in the inventory forecasting and planning process.

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asc Avercast Supplier Connection

Avercast Supplier Connection (ASC) integrates seamlessly with Avercast Business Forecasting. ASC takes your product forecasts and puts them onto a secure server as "projected orders." You're then able to give each supplier a passcode that enables them to log onto the secure server over the internet and view only the information that pertains to their business.

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ara Avercast Retail Analysis

Avercast Retail Analysis (ARA) empowers retail analysts to quickly evaluate Point of Sale (POS) data provided by "Big Box" retail stores. ARA can easily run analysis (in-stock but no sales, sales trends by item or store or region, etc...) on millions of POS records that would otherwise be too cumbersome to view.

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