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"We've not only seen generous financial gains from the reduction of excess inventory as a by product of implementing the software but also a major improvement in our processes, collaboration, and general understanding of our mission
as planners for the company."

Molly R. - Vice President Demand Management & Operations, Ellery Homestyles
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"I like that the Avercast is fast. It doesn't take too long to run reports and review our items on Summary Forecast. The "Flag Action Messages With" section quickly shows what needs attention."

Mei K. - Data Analyst, Chef Works
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"It allowed us to manage our Sales and Operations in a way that was out of this world. Most importantly, they take care of us. If we had questions or needed help they were right there."

Christian T. - Wilson Electronics
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"The support of the team is phenomenal. The guys who actually code and build the product are the ones giving the support."

Cassidy L. - Materials Manager, Ramco
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"Given the wide range of algorithms the system uses and not to mention the ease of use, whether you are a roll-up or top-down planning company, Avercast adapts to your business needs."

Jim B. - Lead Sales Planner, Coastal Pet Products, Inc.
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Demand Planning Software

Demand Management
Robust Demand Planning
Develop a time-phased supply
plan in daily, weekly or monthly
time intervals up to 180 periods
in the future.
Forecasting Methods
Streamlined Process
Use action items to eliminate the need to manage thousands of SKUs and highlight only those that
need immediate attention.
Demand Planning Tools
Powerful Analysis
Easily perform “what if” analyses on your production strategies and recalculate safety stock as changes are made to the supply plan.
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Jim from Coastal Pet Products

"We have been using Avercast for 4-5 years now, and the improvements from our old methods to this have been very noticeable."
Software Advice
Pranav from Markwins Beauty

"With thousands of fast moving SKUs we are able to manage the forecasting and planning in literally minutes with customized reports."

ERP & BI Tool Agnostic

We are tool agnostic and work with all the major ERP’s and BI tool versions.
We upgrade your connection for free should you upgrade your version or switch ERP’s.

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