Monthly/Weekly Forecast

5.4 Forecast Assigner

It may sometimes be desirable to restrict how an item is forecasted.  This can be done by assigning:

·        a single method to an item

·        a curve to an item

·        a personality to an item

 Select Forecast Assigner on the Policies menu to open the Assign Forecast Methods to Items window.  Note that references to “both tables” are a result of this same window managing forecast assignments for both the Monthly and Weekly forecasting systems.  Select Monthly in the Summary Table panel.  Assignments can be made to multiple records simultaneously by selecting a range of items using the same filter options as described in CP Section 3.5.1.  Click on to delete all filter selections.  

Only one forecast type selection can be made at one time:

·        to apply a method, select Method and then select the desired method from the drop-down list.

·        to apply a curve, select Curve and then select the desired curve name from the drop-down list.

·          to apply a personality, select Custom Personality and then select the desired personality from the drop-down list.  

Then click on to save the selection.  The new assignments will be added to the list in the right hand panel.  In that panel, the Assigned Forecast column indicates which Forecast Type has been assigned.  Methods are indicated by numbers between 1 and 204, curves are indicated by numbers greater than or equal to 700, and personalities are indicated by values beginning with an alphabetic   character. To delete an entry in the list, highlight it and click on  It is possible to edit an existing entry by simply typing over the value to be changed, but it is highly recommended instead to delete the - old entry and create a new one, as above.  Click on exit to close the window.

5.5 Avercast Weekly Forecasting

Avercast Weekly Forecasting is a powerful tool for those who primarily plan and forecast in weekly periods. Weekly Forecasting has a variety of tools to help users view and manage information differently than in the Business Forecasting module. Users can access Weekly Forecasting from the Avercast main screen/filters window by selecting Weekly Forecast.

Before using Weekly Forecasting, users need to have Avercast software installed, along with SQL servers set up with the appropriate attached databases and with data imported. See other training materials for details, or contact an Avercast representative at your convenience if you still have questions.

5.5.1 Weekly Forecasting Data Table Information

The Weekly Forecasting Data Table information contains relevant information for users and planners.The information displayed here is directly reflected on the Weekly Forecasting Graph. Select a SKU from the list (found to the left of the data table) to see information about that SKU, or use Filters to select different category combinations (see the sections in this manual titled Weekly Forecasting Filters and Weekly Forecasting Policies Multi Select Tool to learn about this feature).

This section will explore various features and functions of the data table.

Use this slider to move between actual item history and the forecasted data for the selected SKU.The gray cells show the item history and the white cells show the predicted item information.Avercast Weekly Forecasting currently supports up to 120 periods of history and 60 periods of forecasts,with a Total summary column at the end of the forecasted cells.

At any time, users can click and drag on the edge of the data table box to resize the window (move to the left or the right when you see the window splitter icon ).

Use these navigation arrows to navigate forwards or backwards one year.

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