Business Forecasting Software

  • 200+ Forecasting Algorithms

  • Up to 99% less stock-outs

  • Millions of dollars saved in reduction of excess inventory

  • Immediate Implementation with a user-friendly system

  • Thousands of hours saved on forecasting, planning and placing orders

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Business forecasting Software helps you know what your upcoming demand is, so that you can plan your inventory to avoid stock-outs or excess inventory. Finding a powerful business forecasting software solution, in many cases, can save your company hundreds of thousands of dollars almost immediately.

Our Custom-made Business Forecasting Solution for Your Inventory Planning Needs

1. Custom Reporting

A built-in dashboard and integrated Business Intelligence Reporting tools make custom reporting a breeze. Avercast Business Forecasting utilizes MS SQL Database Technology.

2. Industry Leading 200+ Algorithms

Avercast Business Forecasting (ABF) software is powered by an industry leading 208 forecasting algorithms. Avercast Business Forecasting systematically measures each algorithm against up to five years of historical inventory data (at any level of hierarchy) prior to selecting a “best fit” for going forward. Forecasts are displayed for up to 60 months into the future.

3. Best Tools for Your Success

Avercast Business Forecasting includes many best in class tools such as safety stock optimization, service level optimization, ABC analysis, promotion and event management, exception management and customizable performance metrics.

4. Demand Forecasting That Fits Your Specific Needs

With so many other business forecasting, demand planning, and supply chain management softwares available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. At Avercast, we believe in sticking with our customers for the long haul. If your business encounters a forecasting or planning problem, we will work with you to design a customized solution so that you'll never have to go through the complicated process of choosing a new forecasting software provider again! See our customer case studies >

Industry Leader in Business Forecasting

We have been in this business for years. Over that time, we have been able to develop a customized solution for each of our customers so that we grow with them as they grow. Some of the highlights our growth includes:

  • Accurately Forecast Demand
  • Forecast at Any Level
  • Customized Solution
  • Customer and Salesman Forecast Comparison
  • Intuitive Software Interface

Contact us for a demo and see just how efficient your demand forecasting process can become today.

Spreadsheets Not Cutting It For Your Unique Supply Chain Challenges?
Let's Develop a Solution!

  • 200+ Forecasting Algorithms

  • Up to 99% less stock-outs

  • Millions of dollars saved in reduction of excess inventory

  • Thousands of hours saved on forecasting, planning and placing orders

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Why Avercast is the correct business forecasting solution for you

Watch the video below to understand just some of the many capabilities of the Avercast software.

Accurately Forecast Demand

In today’s world, there are a substantial number of ways to forecast demand for your business.

Avercast Business Forecasting can analyze 60 months of history and up to 60 months in the future, using over 200 expert algorithms. Our system runs each of these algorithms while analyzing your seasonality and trends to produce a forecast you can trust.
Forecast Accuracy Report
Slice and Dice

Forecast at Any Level

Keeping track of the demand for every single variation of every single product can be tricky.

When taking into consideration every SKU, location, customer, warehouse, planner, sales region, groupings, total business, etc. your team can quickly become overwhelmed trying to keep things organized. Avercast lets your forecast demand at any level you want. Don’t just settle for SKUs, forecast everything from brands to suppliers.

Customized Solution

During our years of business, we’ve seen many unique supply chain challenges.

Every business is unique and therefore may need a unique solution to their demand forecasting process. We listen to the obstacle you give us, then work as a team to design a creative solution. We then use that solution to help other businesses having similar problems and naturally grow as a company.
Business Forecasting Software
Sales and Customer

Customer and Sales Team Forecast Comparison

As a company, you likely receive a lot of different forecasts from different places.

Some of those forecasts may come from your sales team, others from your customers, others from a demand forecasting software like us. With Avercast you are able to compare the forecasts of your customers, sales team, and our calculated forecast in order to make adjustments and generate an extremely accurate demand forecast to help you plan inventory as efficiently as possible.

Intuitive Software Interface

Turnovers and new hires can slow things down and hinder efficiency.

Our user-friendly software solution makes for a seamless transition. Your new demand planners will be performing at the same, or better, level than your old ones with a customer interface that is easy to use and combines many options for forecasting. Each user can view all data in a graphical overview.

S&OP (Sales & Operations Planning)

  • Simplistic Sales & Operations Planning Management

  • Achieve Business Objectives

  • Feature List Item Summaries

  • Calculation of Safety Stock

  • Supplier Management

  • Significant Reduction of Lead Times

  • Customization per Vendor

  • Instantaneous Supplier Communication

  • Summarizes Sales, Bookings, Inventory, Production, Shipments, and Backlog for high-level analysis

Capacity Planning

  • Efficient Planning Analysis

  • Intuitive Production Visibility

  • MS SQL Technology

  • Batch Rescheduling to Streamling Inventory Planning

Demand Planning

  • Robust Demand Planning

  • Streamlined Process

  • Powerful Analysis

  • Performance Reports

  • What-If Forecasting Scenarios

  • Approve Recommended Orders

  • Major ERP and Database Integration

  • Daily Alerts - Not Received, Below Safety Stock...

  • Direct Output to Excel

  • Plan in days, weeks, months

  • Bill of Material explosions for “kits” and/or raw materials

  • Dynamic Safety Stock Calculations

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