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From a classic pro mini hoop to advanced elite training equipment, SKLZ has the products you need to put you ahead of the game. SKLZ products are not only designed for elite athletes, but for the youngest little leaguer just picking up a bat. Their products have been specifically designed to help anyone learn and improve their abilities at whatever level they are. From golf to football, basketball, soccer, and more, SKLZ has the equipment for you.

The SKLZ founders loved living a healthy and active lifestyle full of sports, training, and fitness. They started SKLZ with a variety of licensing agreements with inventors creating cutting edge products. About 6 years ago, SKLZ had invested in developing their own products. Developing the right product for their consumers and the marketplace has caused them to excel even further. They have category leaders that work closely with their consumer base who they are actually selling product to. This allows them to understand and design the perfect product. This major shift has reduced their licensed products down to about 3%.

In addition, SKLZ has two complementary lines of product carried under their brand; SportBrella and Pro Mini Hoop. Taking in to account all of their products, SKLZ has about 350 SKUs which they forecast at a customer level. This detail allows them to manage forecasts for large customers like Amazon, Walmart, Big 5, Dicks Sporting Goods, and more.

Before switching to the Avercast software, SKLZ held weekly meetings with several different teams including sales, forecasting, and purchasing. Each team had their own spreadsheet with many different accounts, each item for those accounts and what was being purchased. These spreadsheets were full of notes that seemed to get increasingly complicated each meeting.

Recognizing an issue with the supply chain at SKLZ, CEO, Matt Peters, concluded that this outdated way of forecasting was costing SKLZ too much money and cutting into potential sales. A variety of options were considered before Matt Peters discovered Avercast forecasting and planning software. It was the type of system he was looking for. An affordable solution that would allow them to forecast on a deeper, more precise level than they had been. The customization to allow SKLZ to track and plan in the way they wanted caused Matt to switch to Avercast.

Erica Davis, Director of Planning at SKLZ, has worked there for about four years now. She plays an integral role in helping get products from the drawing board into the marketplace. She and her team trust Avercast to get this done. Erica said one of her favorite things about Avercast is the ability to easily see and sort the data at any level, in many different groups. Erica goes on, “with Avercast we are able to combine both forecasting and supply planning and toggle between them easily.” She also enjoys the visibility she gains with Avercast’s help saying “with the visibility gained from Avercast, our forecast accuracy has improved.” Avercast has made her and her team’s jobs easier by allowing them to “move away from manual edits and tracking in excel files to actually having the data live in a dynamic system and live within a day allowing [them] to be a lot more analytical in looking at the forecast and forecast patterns.” In addition to the clear benefits SKLZ has seen with the software itself, Erica said, “Joe Averill is amazing!” He and the implementation teams have provided excellent service to Erica as they transitioned to a better way of forecasting.

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