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Why we need a government supply-chain office now, more than ever

The article below is a fascinating read and food for thought (co-written by CEOs of General Mills and CBA).  The question raised is would a formal Department of Supply Chain (like the Department of Homeland Security) help or hinder US business to fight a global pandemic or other disasters?  I'm typically a fan of the motto: "that government is best which governs least."

I think that the resilient effort being put forth in the US by private industry to combat COVID-19 has been strengthened by the recent reduction in government interference (i.e. allowing truckers to drive for longer hours).  Who would've ever thought the My Pillow guy would be making face masks or that Ford would be making ventilators?

And yes, everyone thought the Dyson guy would be making ventilators (he's a great inventor and self-promoter).  I see tremendous potential and grave dangers in a formal Department of Supply Chain.  For me, for now, I deem the collective US response to COVID-19 a success.  I would rather table the idea of a Department of Supply Chain until such a time as it's warranted. Thoughts?