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Demand Forecasting Software

At Avercast, we’ve recognized the need for innovation and versatility when it comes to forecasting software. Our main focus has always been helping businesses worldwide to balance supply and demand by using our award-winning demand forecasting software to predict demand, then using our demand planning software to plan ahead. We are constantly improving the accuracy of our inventory forecasting software products by developing new forecasting algorithms to add to our 200+ set. Each of these algorithms has been developed as a direct result of working with our customers and creating simple supply chain software solutions to their specific supply chain problems.

Over the past few decades, we’ve set out to understand all of the factors that play into a great demand forecasting software product. We’ve created sales forecasting software solutions that work for any size business and any size budget with several customizations to fit exactly what you need. Our 200+ forecasting software algorithms analyze historical sales data to find and apply a precise forecast for each product, regardless of the number of SKUs, within minutes. Accuracy has also always been a priority at Avercast, we have even integrated automations within our sales forecasting software product that halt the forecasting of discontinued products and track abnormal spikes and low points in your data that could produce an inaccurate forecast.

Not only does our demand forecasting software create a forecast for your entire business as a whole, but you are also able to create precise forecasting sub-groups to categorize your forecasts and break down your potential areas of improvement. Our totally custom category import allows you to forecast by any key indicator important to your business model. If you’re a clothing company, you could forecast color, size, material, etc. If you’re a mechanic, you could forecast, by parts required to perform a service. Avercast’s business forecasting software has unlimited potential when it comes to forecasting.

As mentioned above, though we provide incredibly accurate inventory forecasting software, we are able to forecast anything. Avercast can be used in addition to business budgeting software, or as financial projection software. We are no stranger to the world of financial planning and budgeting software, along with our affinity towards optimizing supply chains through supply chain management software. Our versatile product usage is what makes Avercast one of the best forecasting software providers on the market.

Our revenue forecasting software is also extremely capable when it comes to long term planning, providing a forecast for up to 60 months out. We even provide several approaches to inventory forecasting software that allow for both user-involved and automated forecasts. We give our users a look behind the scenes of our forecasting engine, allowing them to view the outcomes of different algorithms and make custom adjustments to the forecast and sales history for constant statistical improvement.

Our custom reporting tools add an additional layer of support when it comes to prioritizing and realizing the vison of your business. Our ABC code calculator provides you with a report of how your items are performing in several metrics such as revenue, profit, cost, weight, and more. Our forecast performance report also allows users to see how our forecasting engine is performing, comparing actual sales data with our previous forecasts to both represent accuracy and allow the software to improve on itself.

Avercast is more than just sales forecasting software, it’s also inventory forecasting software, business forecasting software, revenue forecasting software, and financial projection software all in one system. Our diversity has proved to help multiple industries and companies across the globe. We aim to build custom solutions that meet the needs of any company.

Our sales forecasting software also makes it easy to grab information from your ERP and business intelligence systems. Whether your company is at a size that you’re using an ERP or you’re simply tracking inventory and sales via spreadsheets, we’ve designed our import tool around the industry standard for tracking inventory to make the importation of data seamless. Our revenue forecasting software is also able to identify potential lost sales and integrate them into the forecast.

Tracking abnormalities from specific events is made easy with our event management tracker. Users can use that tool to define a range of time for which they would like our sales forecasting software to analyze their sales. They can then use simple logic to define how they would like outliers/spikes in their data to be tracked. The software will then give them a report of all products with abnormal sales during that period of time.

Aside from technological innovation, Avercast also provides value through exceptional customer service. We provide both onsite and offsite training with one of our forecasting software experts to give you insight on how our software can be used to improve several functions within your business. We also have a department dedicated to checking in on our customers periodically and ensuring to talk about our newest features and ensure that everything is running smoothly with each product we offer.

Avercast’s demand forecasting software features include:

-Generate Forecasts for up to 60 months in the future.

-Access Over 200+ forecasting algorithms.

-Customizable reporting tools used to prioritize items, compare forecasts, determine forecasting software accuracy, optimize safety stock, identify outliers, and more.

-Create a forecast for any custom category such as supplier, SKU, customer, location, brand, color, size, weight, revenue, profit, inventory, etc.

-Make adjustments to sales history and the forecast to collaborate with team members and improve forecast accuracy.

-Connect with an ERP or business intelligence tool or use our simplistic import tool.

-Experience great customer service with professionals that have worked in the supply chain software industry for 10+ years each.

-Work with our development team to create solutions that will serve your needs.

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