Sales Forecasting

  • Improve forecast accuracy through feedback from sales personnel
  • Track performance against company budget or other sales goals
  • Eliminate need for additional software interfaces or awkward and unreliable data transfers
  • Make adjustments at the SKU level or any aggregate level; changes at the product level will push changes down to individual part or SKU level
  • Review sales by customer as well as by customer-item
  • Apply your preferred sales forecasting methods for new stores, regions, or other areas where history may not be available
  • Keep track of adjustments with time and date-stamped notes
  • Adjustments are seamlessly communicated to Avercast Business Forecasting software
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface designed to get salespeople up and running fast
  • Customizable reports and graphs

Avercast Sales Forecasting (ASF) is the most powerful and user friendly sales forecasting software. It allows real-time collaboration between sales professionals in the inventory forecasting and planning process. ASF provides opportunities for immediate changes by planners; as a result, forecasts are always up-to-date with shifts in projected sales.

Improve Revenue Forecasting With Simple Software

Sales professionals are able to simply access ASF through a web browser with. Each user’s access can be set by a system administrator to limit visibility to items that a particular salesperson sells. This makes the sales forecasting software more powerful because it allows the system administrator to have control. This provides much more efficient organizational capabilities. As a result, the user can more accurately forecast revenue. Once inside ASF, sales professionals may make recommended adjustments to forecast at any level of hierarchy and then submit those adjustments back to the demand planner for review inside Avercast’s Business Forecasting software. The demand planner may use these demand planning tools found in ASF. Real-time communication eliminates the confusion added with multiple software interfaces and data transfers, so your company can consistently be on target.

Customized Interface For Your Company

ASF has an intuitive, trouble-free interface designed for sales professionals to use on a daily basis. This system encourages participation from both field representatives and sales experts.

The ASF system timestamps any changes made and the easy-to-use note section allows users to record why changes were made. Managers can review the data at the SKU or customer level, summarize by category, or compare actual versus forecasts for individuals, regions, or divisions.

Our sales forecasting software is adaptable to any inventory system and provides the communication businesses need to improve margins, decrease inventory, and increase revenue.

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