Kou Vang

Director of Development

Myname is Kou Vang. I am a father of three children and I enjoy familytime together. Growing up with my two sisters, what brought ustogether was video and computer games. I remember always trying tofind new games where all of us can sit around the keyboard and playit together. It eventually led me to pursue a bachelor's in ComputerScience. I chose that major not because I understood what itconsisted of, but that it had the word computer in it and I knew Iliked playing on them. Programming was one of the first things Ilearned in that major. It was satisfying to see how programming canhelp solve a lot of problems. It worked out for me becauseproblem-solving was one thing I liked to do. After being married andnow having three kids, I don't have the time anymore to play video orcomputer games. I solved this problem by getting into board gamesinstead. Nowadays I enjoy teaching it to them and playing themtogether. Other things I enjoy doing are data analysis, processimprovement and reading self-help books to help me become a betterperson each day.

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