Nick Mesensev

Marketing Director

My passion for Marketing and Sales began when I was 13 years old. I noticed that many kids in my school played video games and talked about them all day long. It sounded so good that I decided to give it a try.  Some of the items in the game were difficult to get. However, there was another way to get them fast — the online store. My classmates started spending money on something that existed only in the online world.

One day I came to school telling everyone that I decided to open a private server of that game. They laughed at me.

I spent 14-16 hours working on the server for the next two weeks without going to school to get it up and running. I then came to school and told everybody about my new website, registration, and the game client.

A few months into the game, I decided to open an online store. It only took an additional webpage on my website.

I needed more players, which could mean only one thing — I needed to advertise and market my game server.

Within the last ten years, I built more than 50 different websites (ucoz, bootstrap, Wordpress, Webflow), managed more than 400 different keywords in 3 different languages targeting different countries and languages.

Skilled in:
Salesforce Integration with other company services
LiveChat set up
TimeTrade integrations
Google Ads
Bing Ads
LinkedIn Ads
Facebook Ads
Web Design

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