Patricia Fielding

Finance Director

Baked Goods. That's where it started; selling home-baked goodies to neighbors to earn my way to summer camp. I figured out how to make a profit after expenses and got my turn in the cabins. Later, I did the same gardening and making soap to support myself and seven children. Between hocking baked goods and my present office at Avercast, I collected experience in customer service, teaching, arts, banking, tax preparation, and a BBA in Business Management/Entrepreneur. My current seat allows me to wear a variety of hats ensuring that my days are never the same and always an adventure! In any given day I might on-board new hires, file payroll and taxes, write invoices, convert rupees to dollars, send out payments, review contracts, advise co-workers, and then buy office supplies. And on Fridays, I bring home cooked lunch for everyone whom I have the pleasure to know at Avercast!

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