Customer Case Studies

...Doctor's Best has also seen
improvement in its inventory turns...
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As SPB’s product range and volume continues to expand, they had
simply outgrown their spreadsheets.
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With over 1,500 different SKU’s all
across their varying industries. Their innovative products need an innovative solution, that’s where Avercast steps in.
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Imagine a decrease in inventory
costs by 1-2 million dollars, freeing up
cash for customer acquisition or
employee benefits.
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It was the type of system he was
looking for. A lower cost solution that
still would be more sophisticated
than what they were doing then.
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Since implementing Avercast at
OOLY, Matt doesn’t “lose sleep at
night with an eggshell excel mess.”
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IndustrialManufacturingPharmaceutical And Biotech IndustriesRetail IndustryService PartsWholesale Distribution

Award Winning

Food LogisticsPros to Know 2015Supply Chain Executive 2019Supply Demand Chain 100Pros to Know 2017
Jim from Coastal Pet Products

"We have been using Avercast for 4-5 years now, and the improvements from our old methods to this have been very noticeable."
Software Advice
Pranav from Markwins Beauty

"With thousands of fast moving SKUs we are able to manage the forecasting and planning in literally minutes with customized reports."

ERP & BI Tool Agnostic

We are tool agnostic and work with all the major ERP’s and BI tool versions.
We upgrade your connection for free should you upgrade your version or switch ERP’s.

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