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Inventory Planning Software

The best tool to align your strategy with your sales goals!

Avercast’s Inventory Planning software improves inventory planning for any company. It is the best software for warehouse inventory management that eliminates excess products and allows managers to accurately replenish daily, weekly or monthly time periods.

Lack of real-time insights into inventory levels can lead to various problems such as excess inventory on hand or products going out of stock. Using Avercast’s inventory planning and forecasting tools, you can get an accurate view of in-store inventory and warehouse quantities.

Avercast’s inventory planning software enables you to plan and optimize your inventory based on projected events. You can make informed decisions to deliver the right products in the right place at the right time.


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Forecast Accuracy Levels
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Reduction in Inventory
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Reduce in Stockouts

What is Inventory Management Software?

Inventory Management Software

Inventory management software is used to stay on top of your supply chain and your inventory. It is mainly used by retail and manufacturing industries to manage raw material purchases, product operations, and product orders.

Be prepared for strong changes to your inventory with our inventory optimization software. You can forecast, plan, and shape your inventory to fulfil demand without wasting money and space on slow-movers. Our order management software gives you the confidence to manage orders from raw material planning to product delivery.  

Purpose of inventory management software

  • Keeps track of product demand, sales, and inventory on hand
  • Sends inventory shortage alerts at any location
  • Prevents product spoilage caused by excess stock storage
  • Avoids overstock and stock out situations 

What is Inventory Forecasting Software?

Inventory Forecasting Software

Inventory forecasting software gives you a better idea of how much inventory you will need to meet consumer demand. Forecasts are generated by considering historical sales data, economic shifts, promotional events, seasonality, and consumer trends. Inventory forecasting tools enable organizations to manage, plan, and organize inventory orders faster than manual forecasting techniques.

Avercast’s intuitive inventory forecasting software analyzes all internal and external factors so that you can incorporate the data to make accurate forecasts. By choosing Avercast’s best inventory forecasting software, you don’t have to face loss of sales, lower profit margins, and increased shipping charges.

Whether it’s holidays, events, or weather changes, inventory forecasting software analyzes every aspect to identify how much stock is required to fulfil consumer demand. In addition, using these projections, you can optimize your strategies to improve your sales.

Purpose of inventory forecasting software

  • Generates forecasts for up to 5 years in the future
  • Gain visibility into inventory requirements
  • Identify how upcoming events can affect product demand
  • Manage raw material requirements, purchase and fulfilment orders

Highlighted Features:
  • Develop a comprehensive time-phased inventory plan in daily, weekly, or monthly time intervals up to 180 periods (days, weeks, or months) into the future
  • Simultaneously plan in any combination of time periods (i.e., raw materials in days and finished goods in weeks)
  • Action items reduce management of thousands of SKUs to management by exception - indicating only those items that need immediate attention
  • Dashboard Planner allows detailed access to open sales orders, replenishment orders, dependent demand, and consolidated time-phased data
  • Rolls up requirements for multi-level distribution centers
  • Easily perform what-if analysis on your planning or production strategies
  • Bill of Material explosions for “kits” and/or raw materials ordering
  • Safety stock is recalculated dynamically as modifications are made to the supply plan
  • Maintains original vs. adjusted numbers at all levels
  • Control user permissions
  • S&OP Software Alerts: Out of stock, overdue receipts, recommended orders, dips into safety stock, forecast accuracy

How can Avercast take your business to the next level?

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Increase your profit margin

Get Avercast’s top inventory forecasting software for better demand planning. Inventory prediction software increases sales forecast accuracy and profitability by allowing your company to have the right amount of inventory to match demand.

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Manage inventory effectively

Avercast demand planning software delivers net purchase requirements for single or multi-level warehouses. Your planning needs are met by securing and managing inventory through clear visibility and adaptability for your company. Avercast’s best inventory management software enables businesses to manage inventory effectively.

Predictive Analytics Icon
Predictive analytics

“What if” analysis plans improve inventory turns and safety stock quantities, regardless of market and supplier conditions.

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Best inventory planning software

Managers are able to plan by exception with Avercast’s inventory management software. Planners are able to skip from one action item to the next, allowing them to identify information quickly. Avercast inventory planning software also allows managers to manage products at the customer’s warehouse level.

Supply Chain with the best Inventory Forecasting Software

Optimize your Supply Chain with the best Inventory Forecasting Software

Our inventory software is backed by 208 forecasting algorithms that enable you to gain several inventory benefits.

  • Respond to demand faster

    Inventory forecasts enable you to quickly deliver your products whenever required. You don’t have to wait for the high time to make decisions. Instead, you can generate forecasts and stay prepared to meet market expectations.

  • Reduce stockouts

    With inventory prediction software, you can identify the future growth or decline in demand and manage operations accordingly. You don’t have to face products going out-of-stock during major events or seasonal sales.

  • Reduce inventory waste

    Product spoilage or damage can cause financial loss. So, using inventory optimizations software can allow you to reduce inventory waste and increase your business revenue.

  • Capacity management

    By generating forecasts, you are aware of the product quantity required in the future. So, you can allocate raw material and resources accurately to reach the optimum goals.

Why customers say “Yes” to our Inventory Forecasting Software?

Simple Inventory Planning Icon
Simple Inventory

Develop a time-phased inventory plan in daily, weekly or monthly time intervals up to 180 periods in the future.

Streamlined Process

Use action items to eliminate the need to manage thousands of SKUs and highlight only those that need immediate attention.

Powerful Analysis Icon

Easily perform “what if” analyses on your production strategies and recalculate safety stock as changes are made to the supply plan.

User-friendly Interface Icon

Whether a company is small or large, our demand planning software allows businesses to manage inventory & fulfil consumer requirements.

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Better warehouse

Keep a detailed record of how much inventory you have on hand, how much to produce, and how much to deliver at every location using centralized warehouse inventory software.

What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say

"One of the great things Avercast did [was give] us the opportunity to take as many SKUs as we wanted and give them historical data and run the forecast in the system and see what that output was.”

Josh Rocha

Supply Chain Manager

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