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Avercast Supply Planning (ASP) software makes inventory planning productive for any company.  With a timely scheduling system, ASP eliminates accumulation of excess product and puts you in control of accurate replenishment for daily, weekly, or monthly time periods. This demand planning software effectively increases revenue forecasts, aligns inventory levels with demand, and increases profitability.

This is more than mere material planning. Based upon your business rules, ASP delivers net purchase requirements for single or multi-level warehouses. Choose your hierarchy at any level such as customer, sales rep, warehouse, category, and more. To meet your planning demands, we provide a secure system to manage inventory with clear visibility and adaptability for your specific business.

Avercast software is designed to let planners manage by exception. Action items quickly identify areas that require attention, also allowing planners to simply skip from one action item to the next to avoid fires that affect the bottom line and customer fill rates.

Based on your S&OP processes and policies, you can train the system to alert you when anything outside the norm of your business happens. This means you can manage by exception rather than by manually monitoring everything. When paired with safety stock optimizer and ABC codes, you can optimize by margin, units, total inventory cost, and more.

Additionally, Avercast Supply Planning lets you manage products at your customer’s warehouse level. What if analysis breaks through current plans to improve inventory turns and safety stock quantities regardless of market and supplier condition.

Whether you manage a small system or a large enterprise, Avercast Supply Planning software will enable your business to manage inventory and forecast demand through a user-friendly interface.

  • Develop a comprehensive time-phased supply plan in daily, weekly, or monthly time intervals up to 180 periods (days, weeks, or months) into the future
  • Simultaneously plan in any combination of time periods (i.e. raw materials in days and finished goods in weeks)
  • Action items reduce management of thousands of SKUs to management by exception - indicating only those items that need immediate attention
  • Dashboard Planner allows detailed access to open sales orders, replenishment orders, dependent demand, and consolidated time-phased data
  • Rolls up requirements for multi-level distribution centers
  • Easily perform what if analysis on your planning or production strategies
  • Bill of Material explosions for "kits" and/or raw materials ordering
  • Safety stock is recalculated dynamically as modifications are made to the supply plan
  • Maintains original vs adjusted numbers at all levels
  • Control user permissions
  • S&OP Software Alerts: Out of stock, overdue receipts, recommended orders, dips into safety stock, forecast accuracy

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