Supplier Connection

  • Zero footprint for vendors - accessed via browser
  • Reduces vendor lead times
  • Displays projected orders for each vendor role
  • Vendors only see information that pertains to their business
  • Enables real-time collaboration with suppliers
  • Negotiate price reductions
  • Password protected, secure environment

Avercast Supplier Connection (ASC) is a supplier management software that allows your business to collaborate with suppliers, enabling you to know in advance the products your business will need. This allows the supplier to have their inventory on hand, improving your own ability to keep up with demand. ASC integrates seamlessly with Avercast Business Forecasting (ABF) and Avercast Supply Planning (ASP).

Streamline Communication With Vendors

Once you have developed your forecast in ABF, and then formulated your supply plan in ASP, ASC provides the supplier management tools which summarizes your “projected orders” by vendor and prepares that information for dissemination over the web.

Empowering your vendors to know what you plan on ordering from them and when typically improves their ability to reduce lead times and increase customer service levels through this supplier management system.

How Avercast Supplier Connection Works

ASC utilizes roles and permissions that are designated by a system administrator. Each of your vendors receive a unique username and password that enables them to log onto a secure server over the internet. This provides the vendor with supplier management software they need in order to view a non-binding projected time-phased order schedule complete with items, quantities, and dates.

ASC can also serve as a supplier management tool for negotiation. Vendors are often willing to offer price breaks in exchange for projected order visibility.

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