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Gene Averill

Founder, Former CEO

Oct. 25, 1941 – Feb. 1, 2018

Gene spent a lifetime building a world-class software development and supply chain consulting team.  Gene was relentless in his quest to pioneer tomorrow’s technologies, today.  He possessed a unique ability to attract and inspire kindred spirits with that same determination to innovate technology.  The Avercast team will honor Gene’s memory by continuing to expand upon his technological footprint and push the boundaries of supply chain thought and industry best practice.

Gene was a pillar in his community, a standard bearer of kindness, morality and determination.  While Gene’s bravery and heroic acts on the battlefields of Vietnam earned him a Bronze Star with Valor, it was his relationships with people that he valued most.  A pioneer in his field, Gene challenged the limits of supply chain forecasting, and raised the standard for all to follow.  His high moral conduct rang true throughout his business dealings and personal pursuits alike.

Gene gained invaluable experience in logistics and supply chain management during his 23-year career with the United States Marine Corps.  As a Lt. Colonel, Gene was responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of 150 warehouses for the Defense Logistics Agency in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.  

In the early 1970’s, Gene was sent by the Marine Corps to IBM to study computer science so that he could return and develop a supply chain software platform for the military, the first of its kind in the world.  Gene’s success with the Military did not go unnoticed.  Upon retiring from the USMC, Gene ventured out into the private sector and quickly rose to the top of his industry.  To date, Gene’s software technologies have been employed by more than 10,000 people in 74 countries. Name brands the world over have come to depend on Gene’s software to consistently forecast and plan the right product, in the right place, at the right time.

The Marine Corps slogan is “the few, the proud.” Gene’s unique life experiences qualified him as one of the few.  We hope and pray that our determination to continue with his legacy and push the technological envelope will make him proud.

Semper Fi Gene!

With much love,

-Your Family & Avercast Team Members